There are train-track thinkers, then there’s you Standish, a breeze in the park of imagination.

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Maggot Moon Discussion Guide

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See what other people are saying about it below:

"The outstanding teenage novel of the autumn"

Lorna Bradbury, The Telegraph

"...startlingly original, horribly inspirational [story] which deserves many prizes."

Amanda Craig, The Times

"It caused me to question things that I take for granted, and think about things that I’d never thought of before. I feared, cried, hoped, and most of all, dreamed alongside Standish until the end. It haunted me for long after I put the book down. An unforgettable read"

Alice D'Angelo (via

"...a celebration of the refusal of the human spirit to be crushed and in Standish, Gardner has created a hero to be cherished."

Sally Morris, Daily Mail

"If you're looking for something a little different and want to be blown away, pick up Maggot Moon."

Jessica from Booked Up!

"a fast-paced, tough and heartbreaking story. I loved it."

We Love This Book

"This totally original story is brilliant from beginning to end and each gripping chapter urges you to keep reading."

Josh Travers (via

"has clear potential to become a modern classic"


“Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner has arrived downstairs. Very hard book to read, but impossible to put down.”


"Just read - and re-read - Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner. Gripping, moving, original, thought-provoking... I'm exhausted!



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Our friends at the Movellas writing community are so inspired around Maggot Moon that there is a whole load of activity going on over their site to get involved in.